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Something new this weekend…

A Split Crunch (what could be more fun besides, perhaps, going to happy hour at your favorite Pub?)

This ‘Fitness Fun’ is brought to you by FitSugar:

1)  Lie on your back and make sure your abs are engaged and your spine is neutral.

2)  Straighten both your legs to a 90-degree angle from your torso, feet parallel to the floor with soles facing the ceiling (see picture). Put your hands behind your ears — not the back of your head or neck, or you may risk straining your neck as you do the move — and pull your chin in toward your chest, fixing your gaze on your belly button.

3)  Once you’re in position, it’s time to start doing crunches (make sure you round your spine and keep your belly button in as you pull up.

4)  Lower one leg until it is a few inches from the floor (the lower the leg, the harder the exercise, so if you find it’s too difficult, raise the lower leg a little higher).  Make sure to point your toes in the same direction your leg is pointed like the picture below. The other leg should stay at the same up-pointed position. Do five more crunches at this position.

5)  Switch legs and do five more crunches with the opposite leg now lowered.

6)  Rest for 30 to 60 seconds and then repeat the exercise again two or three times.

Do these moves and you’re guaranteed to feel the burn — in a good way :).