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It may be easy for Zombies to know what to eat…

but it’s harder for those of us with a more varied diet to know what to eat to be our healthiest.  It can be even more confusing when meat is eliminated from our diets.  This vegan food pyramid/plate makes getting the right proportions much easier and much clearer.

This pyramid comes to us from Vegan Peace.  If you click on the pyramid you can get a larger version or pdf to print off to put on your wall and keep your healthy 24/7.

See, Mom, we can be vegetarian/vegan and get all the vitamins and minerals we need!

Enjoy your Meatless Monday – one day a week without meat – it’s easy!

P.S.  The ChooseMyZombiePlate.Gov comes from Boing Boing.  If you click on the plate image or the link it will take you to the page.  You know, Ijust  love funny things about Zombies (because Zombies are so unfunny and this image just made me laugh and laugh.


4 thoughts on “It may be easy for Zombies to know what to eat…

  1. That’s why you are so brainy……
    Everything on that pyramid looks pretty good, but can’t quite go the wheat bread, that will bring comments I’m sure. ha

    Rain today. Dano and Dad got their walk in before though. Soon I will be going with them.

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