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We need a challenge to shake things up a bit, so we thought a little stair running might be fun.  Everyone has stairs they climb daily in their house or office or school, so everyone can participate.  Lucky you!

This week’s challenge (yes, you guessed it, next week we’ll throw down another challenge) is to run stairs equal to 1 mile.  How many steps is that?  According to (which is the only site that I think breaks this down so well), 1 mile is equal to about 7920 stairs.  Here’s how we got that number (taken from Livestrong):

A mile is 5,280 feet, or 63,360 inches. The average height of a stair riser is 8 inches. That means you would have to climb 7,920 steps to achieve a vertical mile.  

If a flight of stairs ascends 10 feet, you’d walk up 15 steps per flight. To ascend a mile on stairs, you would have to climb 528 flights. Your stride on level ground is likely to be 2 or 3 feet, meaning that you could walk a mile with 1,760 to 2,640 steps. Walking a vertical mile going up and down stairs takes many more steps because each step is only 8 inches.

Climbing more than 55 flights of stairs a week significantly increases your chances of living longer, according to Duke University. The effort uses about eight to 11 calories per minute, higher than other moderate activities. Stair climbing increases leg strength and bone density.  Fit individuals can climb 10,000 steps in under three hours.

You don’t have to do this stair climb challenge all at once.  If you climb stairs as part of your daily routine you will just need to keep track of how many stairs you climb each day.  I keep a little notepad with me to help me keep track.  If you are short of the 1 mile goal next week, you can bump up your stair work so that by next Thursday you have climbed one vertical mile.

Some tips for running/walking/climbing stairs:
1.  Keep your back straight.
2.  Think pocket to chin with your arms (I got this tip from this Livestrong video filmed at Gold’s Gym).
3.  You can hold on to the railing on your descent to give yourself support and a small break.

Here is a nice video with Shanay Norvell showing us how it’s done.  I like it when she gets jazzy!

Let us know by commenting when you’ve finished your challenge.  Jimmy claims he will have his challenge finished by Monday – we’ll see about that :).
Get those knees and arms pumping and hit the stairs!

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  1. It always helps me to stay on track/task if I am accountable to someone, so if you want to let us know you are taking the challenge, we’re all ears!

  2. The CN Tower has a few stair climbs each year. I always thinking about doing one but it’s the descent that I worry about – major quad buster.
    Great idea. I might have to start counting how many I climb – just out of curiosity.

  3. This challange may take me at least a year to finish. Do the patio stairs count!!! ha. Does climbing the stairs sideways help? I will try counting the ones I can climb and see how many I can get. See ya

  4. Yesterday I thought I was doing good, I did 9 flights at home, and 7 at the Joe, but that only added up to 236 steps, I think that I need to step it up.

    • Yeah, I thought I was climbing more stairs than I actually am! I think I only climbed 234 yesterday :), however, I have already climbed ~100 stairs for today so I am on a roll.

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