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What I need is…

tranquility and insight.

If you are like me and have suddenly found (or realized) that you are really, really busy, in fact you are so busy that the words tranquility and insight aren’t really familiar terms any longer, then you might find this post helpful.  Let me start by defining tranquility and insight :).

Tranquil: free from agitation of mind or spirit; tranquility: the state of being tranquil.

Insight: a chance or the power to understand the inner nature of things.

Why are tranquility and insight important?  A beautifully written article by Dr. Evan Finklestein for Elephant Journal summed it up perfectly:

If you develop tranquility, what benefit can you expect?  Your mind will develop.

The benefit of a developed mind is that you are no longer a slave to your impulses.

If you develop insight, what benefit will it bring? You will find wisdom.

And the point of developing wisdom is that it brings you freedom from the blindness of ignorance.

These few sentences brought clarity.  If you are in a similar state…they may ring true to you too.  Read and think and perhaps tranquility and insight can be found.

You can read the rest of The Buddha’s Medition by clicking on the link.

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4 thoughts on “What I need is…

    • You know what? After I wrote the post I thought “maybe it’s just me that needs this!” Loved the Fit Stanley post today. I will definitely blog about the Fit Stanley Project this week. I am still smiling :).

    • And that is exactly what I am talking about…if we are going to read, we should read, if we are going to sleep, we should sleep, if we are going to eat, we should just eat, giving our mind some peace from multi-tasking.

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