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Biggest Loser

 You know what watching the Biggest Loser makes me want to do?

 It makes me want to RUN, JUMP, LEAP, DO Push ups and     Squats!  

It makes me want to do better and workout more!

It’s January and BL is the motivation I need to get my rear in gear to change my life – one day – one push up – one sit up – at a time.

Let’s do it together!

I won’t even tell you about my lagging motivation these past months, but I will make a promise…

I promise to workout tomorrow morning before going to work or cleaning the house or doing errands – no excuses!

In the tradition of this blog, my favorite Biggest Loser quotes from last night:

That’s fake pukin’.  If I don’t see your dinner coming out of your mouth, then that’s fake pukin’.  ~Bob

I don’t want to see one tear…oh no no no.  ~Bob

Fight, everday, fight.  ~Bob

No excuses.  ~Bob and Dolvett

So, if this is the season of no excuses, then grab your favorite InPerspire Fitness towel and hit the gym, the road, the trail, your living room floor (wherever you do your exercise) and just do it!

My motivation tomorrow:

Happy Wednesday!


5 thoughts on “Biggest Loser

  1. That towel is awesome, I like the font on it. I had to tell myself not to make excuses when I was running around the block the other day. I kept wanting to stop but I didn’t and I was proud of myself at the end. Now I know I can do it, so there’s really no excuses!

    • Oh, T-unit, that is just so nice to hear (about the towel, yes, but especially about how you kept running even when you wanted to stop!). No excuses! We need a towel that says that!

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