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Are you making these fitness mistakes?

One of America’s favorite trainers, Bob Greene, provides us with a list of the “DON’TS” of getting fit.  Taken from Oprah Online: 1. They work out simply to burn calories. What matters more is exercise intensity. Vigorous exercise dulls your appetite, while moderate exercise stimulates it. 2. They strength train with two-pound dumbbells. Heavier weights will help … Continue reading

making healthy changes

Did you know…

that the UN has designated 2011 as the International Year of Forests?  I found this out via the A.Word.A.Day newsletter I get each day in my inbox.  This week’s theme was words related to trees and plants: dendroid, ligneous, primrose path, sylvan, and wormwood. If you were unaware of the International Year of Forests, like me, … Continue reading

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Johnny Depp’s Fitness Program

You need to be able to run for your life. A few years ago I was listening to an interview with Johnny Depp.  He was asked what made him want to get into better shape.  Depp had an interesting, but straight forward answer.  He said that someone had asked him, if there was an emergency, would he be able to pick up his kids and run … Continue reading