Asian Inspired / Meatless Monday / Meatless Monday recipe

CSI Noodle Salad/Meatless Monday & Resolutions

It’s my favorite day of the week…Monday…the day we encourage meatless meals to help save animals, yourself, and the planet :). Jimmy made this absolutely awesome meatless Asian Noodle Salad the other day (see recipe below), which is easy, inexpensive and delicious, but first it is the time of year where resolutions reign and here … Continue reading

Meatless Monday / Meatless Monday recipe

Holla! It’s Holiday Fever, Bieber Fever, & Meatless Monday All Rolled Into One!

I am in the midst of Holiday Fever… which is to be distinguished from Justin Bieber Holiday Fever (so called because the pop star has a JB figure out just in time for the holidays).  I make this distinction because when I was sick last week one of my students asked me if I was sick with Bieber Fever :). … Continue reading

Meatless Monday / Meatless Monday recipe

Sweet! It’s Meatless Monday!

What is it about this time of year that makes me want to become Martha Stewart, Paula Dean, and Julia Child, all wrapped up into one?  As the holidays approach I suddenly feel an inexplicable and implusive need to bake cookies, make handmade salted caramels, and create fancy, petite appetizers (all of which I would not normally eat and for which I … Continue reading

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Meet My New Best Friends: Stuffing & Gravy

Just in time for your next holiday dinner!  We tried two new vegetarian recipes for Thanks-Living and both dishes turned out truly and utterly fabulous.  They were so fabulous that the carnivores at our table preferred the vegetarian gravy over the meat based option – it was that good! Vegetarian Gravy 1/4 cup vegetable oil half-a-stick of butter … Continue reading

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Red Curry Noodle Soup/ Meatless Monday, Ellen &Turkeys,

Besides going meatless today, which so many of you are doing now (hugs to all of you), why not also… Join Ellen this year in adopting a turkey for Thanksgiving? Ellen is urging everyone to save a life this year by adopting a turkey instead of eating one.  You can think of it as Thanks-Living :). … Continue reading