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Biggest Loser

You Know What Watching the Biggest Loser Makes Me Want to do… Continue reading

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In the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy” carrying a towel confers a great psychological advantage because, “for some reason, if a non-hitchhiker finds out that a hitchhiker has his/her towel with them, it is assumed that he/she is also in possession of a toothbrush, soap, a tin of biscuits, a flask, a compass, a map, wet weather gear, mosquito spray, and sundry other important items. Although I have not read Adams’ book, being a towel enthusiast myself, it all made sense. Continue reading

Pi R Squared…
Meatless Monday

Pi R Squared…

and sometimes round :).  On this beautiful Meatless Monday we could think of nothing better than to give you the 411, or, in this case, the 3.14, on the great pizza pie from the Pi Pizzeria (St. Louis). We are huge fans of the Pi (all locations).  If the Pi sounds familiar, you might be thinking about the Obama – Pi connection.  President Obama … Continue reading