Bob Harper

“To know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, that is to have succeeded.” ~Emerson

Today is the Walk!  We are walking for animals like Melvin (you can click on his name to read about his story).  My parents and and Jimmy adopted Melvin for me for my birthday!  We also adopted June (she is the official mascot of InPerspire; her picture is in the right hand menu) for my mother’s day present :).  You can read more rescue stories, including how Bob Harper (the piglet) was rescued by Farm Sanctuary.  We are especially walking to help bring attention to the abuses suffered by farm animals as part of the Farm Factory process.  We will post pictures and stories tomorrow.

By the way, if I happen to see Bob Harper (the human one), who is the national spokesperson for the 2010 Farm Animal Sanctuary Walk, I will be sure to tell him “hi”!

Have a wonderful, peace-loving Saturday!


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  1. I am sooo excited for Darla and Jimmy to be walking today. I just spoke with them on the phone, they said it is a ton of fun and they are meeting some really great people! We are heading out to our gym and will keep the farm animals,their amazing stories and all the volunteers in mind. Have a peaceful Saturday and remember to keep your rose colored glasses on.

    Plus Karma you rock at 136 WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh I love Melvin–June also, but I think Melvin is my favorite. That is so cool that you guys are walking for the farm sanctuary. A great cause and even better that you are so devoted to walk even in the rain. GO–GO

    Get better Greg or you and I will have to team up and sit and watch everyone!! See Ya–M.

  3. Thanks for all the love and support Dana and CDale! We did have fun. We ate some fabulous vegan oatmeal cookies from Vegadeli and vegan Sloppy Joes made by Whole Foods. I will post more tomorrow.

    And thanks for the whooohooo on the 136, Dana.

  4. What a great walk! I wish WF got more involved with events up here.

    I’ve been busy spinning my wheels all week long. Today, I breathed – deeply. Tomorrow, it’s family and training.

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