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“Losing it” on Day 167

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Our Jillian

Jillian was at it again last night.  Making people cry, beg for mercy, and then helping them to change their lives.  I LOVE it!  The theme for last night was “Do I deserve to be healthy and live a good life”.  Seeing Deb, mother of two, who lost her husband (he was only 53 years old) living a life that screamed “You are not worth it” was hard to watch.  Seeing the change in Deb as she gradually began to understand that she deserved more was amazing.  You could see the transformation towards the end — she is on the treadmill – her head is up, her eyes were forward, and she is carrying herself in a way that said so much.  I am Worth it. 

My favorite quotes from last night…

You want more?  You have to give more! ~JM
I am worthy.  ~Deb
I need that support.  ~Deb

So, the first theme had to do with worthiness, but there was, in my opinion, a second theme that had to do with setting a good example.

 Watching the children, Isabelle and Jordan, as they witnessed their mother’s change, under Jillian’s aegis, from “not living” to living was moving.  When Deb began to eat healthy, to believe in herself, to take pride in herself, so did her kids.  And that reminded me of all of you.  The mothers and fathers in our community, or those who will be someday, those who are still raising their children, and those who have raised them, but still watch over them, you are daily examples to your children.  When you take time for yourself to go for a run, or to do a workout dvd, or include them in boot camps, and fitness bingo you are teaching them how to live.  And if you think your kids don’t notice when you do and don’t workout, eat healthy, and take time for yourself, the youngest child on the show told Jillian now that their mother was working out she was so much happier.  Sound familiar?

In a page taken from my own book, my son, Robbie, told me tonite that he was disappointed that he didn’t get to do the boot camp challenge last week (he had to work a double, and extra hours the next day, and he was just too worn out).  He said, “Tricia and I really like doing the boot camp because we spread our towels out in the sun room (of their little apartment) and we turn on the Gorillaz and we just enjoy it.”  This is the same boy who watched me day after day choreographing new step routines and eventually began to offer up some steps of his own that I could try out in class :).  The boy can catch the top beat everytime.

So…keep it up, Jillian.  And, all of you, keep it up too!

Peace and love and happiness,

17 thoughts on ““Losing it” on Day 167

  1. GREAT POST!!!!! Yes, we do set examples for those around us & kids see & listen!

    Had a very good workout! I survived that cardio.. this is my HIIT day along with other cardio AND of course the weights were awesome!!!!

    • Mary – You will have to tell me where you take Zumba. I think Friday we will be exposed to all different kinds of Zumba – I’m a little nervous – as I tend to be in new situations, but looking forward to it all the same. Hope you have a great workout tonite!

      • Zumba was great tonight! I take it at my gym. Lots of new songs and laughs as we mis-stepped and continued to enjoy ourselves as we learned! 🙂 Looking forward to Zumba for the Cure…even though I’m sure there will be tons of steps new to me!! But I went to Tony Witt’s master class last month and he is so energetic and dynamic and funny! It will be a great time for an even greater cause!

        Hope your sting is getting better.

        Going to make guacamole now! 🙂

  2. I wish that someone could tell Jullian what an inspiration she is the R Karma and all the others on this blog. I saw a small bit of her show and she really tells it like it is doesn’t she.

    Got back from my walk this morning and I did Drink water just for Darla’s sake. By the way sure hope your bee sting is better.

    My air conditioner is up and running, so guess where I am going to be today—outside working.
    Enjoy your day.. M.

    • If you drink a BIG glass of water for me each day – that will just be a way of saying you love me 🙂 Glad to know you will finally be the recipient of a cooling system this year 🙂

  3. Yes Robbie can catch the beat. Today was a weight day for me, and I did mix it up, between phone calls, emails, and Orange the cat thinking that my leg was his scratching post, I did get some weights in. Now I am off to the PO and to TJ’s to run around for 8 hours.

  4. Karma!

    You have a great web site! Forgive a comment a but off topic. I have several friends who are archaeologists! One is also a baker. Whenever I see her, I never know if it’s dirt or chocolate under her finger nails 🙂

    Nice to see people stetting a good example for their children!

    • Dr. J! I read you on Jody’s blog and she, and her readers, including me, are so lucky to have you and your expertise and inspiration. Thanks so much for the kind words. And, we never mind off topic comments, especially those concerning archaeologists :). We are a quirky bunch and there is probably a very good chance that what you see under your friend’s nails when she is baking is a mixture of both chocolate and dirt (but good dirt!). Cheers! ~Karma

  5. I love this post. I know Karma and I try to be good examples to each other. If you follow our blog, you will know when we get together we can get way off track on our exercising. This is due to the fact we always just want to have fun, fun and more fun. We always try to reel each other in and remember to have fun exercising then fun doing all the other things we do together! Plus I finally got Karma to try kayaking last time she was here and needless to say she wants more kayaking and more cowbell too!

  6. Yes, more cowbell and definitely more kayaking! I had so much fun last year and I am looking forward to kayaking this year because I am almost 15 lbs lighter this year and my knee isn’t hurt and I just feel like a whole new girl. Dana, you should practice paddling and building up your arms because if you don’t you will never catch me ;).

  7. Great post! I saw this come out last night at a Kids 1K run when my 4 year old, who has run many 1k’s before, decided last night that he wanted to run by himself. It was such an amazing thing to watch. I was so proud of him.

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